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Halloween Fanfic :: Naruto by MsSharra Halloween Fanfic :: Naruto by MsSharra
I would like to say I am sorry for such a late story, but MY EDITOR decided to take her sweet time on editing my Fan Fiction. Although, I love her so much because she makes my stories 10 times more awesome! Maybe even more with her slow ass self.

Editor: :iconmizuri-tamanami:

Time ticked on as Luna sat at her seat, tapping her finger on the table while staring out the window. She was trying to drown everyone out. Earlier on in the day, various students were assigned groups to make a Halloween event and she’d been grouped with; Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Kiba, and Choji with Kakashi Sensei as their leader. As she stared out the window, still trying to think of a way out of the whole thing, she could hear Sakura, Kiba, and Naruto still trying to figure out what to do. And Yelling. There was always a lot of yelling involved with them. Luna let out a deep sigh and right when she was about to stand up, Hatake Kakashi walked in the room and she froze in her movement.

"Kakashi Sensei! You’re always late, aren't ya?" Sakura tossed from across the room as a general means of saying, 'Hello'.

"Ya! Sensei, can you please tell Sakura-chan that we should do a skit of zombie and vampire ninjas!" Naruto groaned, pointing in Sakura's direction and complaining.

Again, more bickering as time dragged on. Luna stood stock still, with her head slightly looking at the desk, but just enough to catch a glimpse of Kakashi. She could feel her cheeks get warm, but luckily for her, her long dark purple hair covered her face, even as she started to space, thinking about how his hair was a perfect, angelic shade of silver. Shaking out of her reverie in her own little world, she sat back down and looked back out the window as Kakashi slowly approached everyone.

"No Sensei, we should do a nice skit of a lovely princess falling in love with a fallen angel,but all hell breaks loose because of their forbidden love! Cha!" Sakura chimed in imaging as she spoke.

Kiba bluntly put his opinion out there and said, "Angel! The hell? Werewolf would be so much more in the Halloween spirit."

Luna chuckled a bit in thought. Of course Kiba would want a werewolf and Sakura would want a princesses forbidden love type skit. She thought that everyone was truly and utterly predictable, and stopped to ask herself why she had tried to tune everyone out when she could have been laughing a long time ago. Without her even realizing it, everyone had begun to stare in her direction, thinking she had something in mind.

Again her cheeks went a bright pink and she scowled to quickly cover it up.

"What are you guys looking at? Is there a dragon out the window now? Or a Vampire? Oh! I know! Maybe a ghost!” She chuckled darkly to herself.

"If all this is funny to you Luna, then why don't you throw in an idea?" Kakashi asked.

Luna's eyes grew and she thought, 'Crap, me and my emotions got me into something again. Why is it whenever I try to cover up something, I just drag myself into it!? So much for me walking out of this thing...'

“well,” Luna said as she began to speak up, " I am no expert at this or anything like that, but I just thought it was pretty funny how you guys couldn't compromise on anything. Why not make a skit where a princess gets kidnapped by some Rogue Ninja's or whatever and get’s saved by a sexy werewolf man? It's as simple as that. The werewolf man beats up the Rogue Ninja's and then gets the princess. I think it should have a twisted ending though. Like, maybe the princess is a actually a vampire princess and the two could never love. I don't know, just a thought." Luna shrugged her shoulders trying not to feel herself heat up since everyone was still blankly staring at her.

Again Kakashi spoke, "Great idea, Luna. I wonder why everyone else can't think the same way you do." He smiled at her in a way that felt so nice it seemed as if it went right through his mask and into her heart. "Why don't you be the princess, since it was your idea?" He stated.

Almost everyone but Choji gave a sharp, high pitched 'Whaaaaaaat!?' in amazement at what Kakashi said. Luna gave a faint smile and shook both of her hands in front of her, disapproving the statement.

"No, no, no!" She exclaimed. "Don't you think Sakura would be better for this role? I mean she’s so pretty- Or even Hinata! She has the lady like qualities of a princess. I on the other hand-" As Sakura and Hinata blushed, Luna was cut off by Choji slamming his chip bag on the table.

"Luna, you’re just as pretty as those two. And you’re really nice. Don't put yourself down. You’d make a very convincing princess. Besides, if the princess is secretly a vampire, then a more eerie look is better fitted and Hinata’s too shy to act out the scenes!" Choji exclaimed.

"Very well explained Choji. It’s settled, then. Luna, you’re the Vampire Princess, Kiba, you’re the werewolf, Hinata will do make up, Sakura is the maid, and Naruto and Choji are the Rogue Ninjas."

Kakashi Sensei explained so quickly and passionately that everyone agreed almost too easily. Well, besides Luna. She kind of had a look on her face that said, 'The hell? How did I drag myself into this even more?!'

On the day of the event, Hinata was at Luna's house dressing her up and getting her ready for the skit- at an entirely ungodly hour of the morning. Luna wore a simple, yet elegant purple kimono with thick layers, and Hinata effortlessly made her hair seem like silk in a way that made Luna shine. Looking in the mirror, Luna almost didn't recognize herself. She looked, pretty. Not that she wasn't pretty, she had just always thought of herself as average.

"Hinata! You- you made me so beautiful!" She turned around sharply to hug her, almost tripping over her kimono.

"Th-thanks. To be honest. You are already pretty to begin with. I just added some things to liven you up a little." Hinata gave a faint smile. Luna felt like she was about to tear up, but she held back the hot salt water threatening to ruin the makeup Hinata had worked so hard to put on her face.

"We're both beautiful Hinata." Luna smiled back.

Hinata gave a chuckle and said, "Hey Luna, I-I still have to go to Na-Naruto-kun's house and do his c-costume ... a-and Choji's, so is it alright if you walk to the town square by yourself?"

"Of course Hinata. Go get to your man!" she gave a wink and did a little gun with her fingers. Hinata blushed, put her stuff together and as she walked out Luna's doorway she faintly spoke, "Thank you, and good luck to you as well...."

Luna looked down really fast as Hinata closed the door with a giggle. She paced in her house, thinking, 'I really do look pretty. Will Kakashi-Sensei like it? No... he’d probably want something more revealing.' She slightly pushed her right sleeve so it would slide down her arm and then looked in the mirror again, giving a seducing look to herself, turning bright red. "Ahh, gaaaah! I can't do that! I have respect for myself! I want him to like me for me! " She yelled and then pulled her sleeve back up. She looked at the clock and told herself she should get going so she wouldn't have to walk through crowds wearing the kimono she kept tripping over.

She walked out the front door and held the hems of her kimono in her arms so it wouldn't get drag and get dirty. After about five minutes of walking, she felt as if she was being followed. She stopped and closed her eyes, listening. She could here rustles in the bushes. She quickly opened her eyes and right when she was about to strike someone with a kunai, she found Kakashi Sensei standing with a grin.

Luna quickly looked askance and put the kunai away as well. Her heart was thumping so harshly against her chest she thought for sure Kakashi could hear it.

"Hey now," Kakashi started. "Don't turn away. I know you’re irritated or even upset with me for making you do this, but-" he was cut off by Luna.

"No, it's just - I feel weird. I kind of sort of-" Luna paused trying to find the words so she doesn't seem full of herself.

"Look like an actual princess?" Kakashi finished. Luna flushed a rosy pink and giggled, then looked Kakashi straight in the face.

"I know right?! Surprising isn't it?" She asked as her smile began to fade at the thought that Kakashi thought it was silly for her thinking that way.

"Surprising?" Kakashi put in a questioning tone. "No not really. Anyone can look ten times better if they put make up on and dressed up all pretty." Luna's smile fainted more. He went on, "But you, it's not ten times, it is only five." He looked up to the stars and started walking forward to the town square. Luna's smile completely faded. She was frowning almost tearing. Then she laughed. Kakashi looked back glancing at her.

He looked at her face, Luna was smiling in disappointment while she laughed. He could see a faint tears being held back from her eyes. "You ass hole." Luna quietly said to herself. She dropped her head and tears ran down her face. Kakashi could see them falling his eyes grew. Luna thought to herself, 'How idiotic of me. Thinking I actually looked pretty. Thinking that Kakashi Sensei would actually admire that part of me. I am such an idiot. I am so stupid.'

Kakashi was looking back up at the stars and he kept on walking. Luna about to follow in his tracks to the float they were suppose to do the skit in until something grabbed her by her mouth and both of her arms. Something was put over her mouth. She couldn't figure out what, but it felt like cotton and powder was on it. She faintly grew sleepy as they dragged her away. She wanted to cry out to Kakashi for help, but it was to late. Her eyes fell shut and the last thing she saw was Kakashi. His back facing towards her and his head still looking up at the sky.

As Luna slowly opened her eyes, she saw nothing. It was pitch black. She was laying on something soft. 'It was only a dream' Luna thought to herself. She thought she was in her room, on her bed, claiming that the Halloween event hadn't even happened yet. She closed her eyes in relief, but also in sadness. She turned to her left wanting to go back to sleep on her side, but something yanked at her wrist. Her pulse began to race. So she tried to turn to her right, but the same thing happened. Her eyes widened trying to see more clearly in the dark room. Luna attempted to lift her legs, but they were tied down even harder.

"Wha- What is this!" She yelled out. Suddenly a harsh light flicked on. Luna quickly closed her eyes to wait for her eyes to make the adjustment and opened them again. She found a pretty blonde boy standing by a door and a older looking man around his 30's in the corner of the room sitting.

"Well well, isn't the lovely princess awake?" The blonde boy spoke in a mocking tone. His hair was a medium length and his eyes were narrow and green and he wore a punkish looking T-Shirt and some black slacks. He looked like he was at home getting ready to sit on the couch and watch a good movie.

Luna glared at the good looking blonde and said nothing.

"Aww, what's this? Cat got your tongue?" He mocked some more. "I'm sorry Missy, let me introduce myself, I am Haru. I have no last name. I was an orphan and I was found by that old man in the corner there. He gave me this name. I'm a Rogue shinobi and I do the dirty work for people to get paid, and someone asked me to take you on a little joy ride for the time being." He started.

Luna scoffed. "I don't care who you are. You can be the devil's son who come to bring me to hell and I wouldn't care. But then, that would be more pleasant, because even he looked more handsome then your ugly ass lemon head." She spoke up with her silver tongue that was as sharp as quick silver.

Haru jumped back at her comment and got a dirty grin on his face. "I see. So little miss princess doesn't care, huh? Fine, but just remember that's what you said. Hope you don't have any regrets." he smirked as the old man got up and left the room, shutting the door.

Luna felt her pulse race again right after it just calmed down. 'Why do I have the feeling he wants to rape me?' She thought to herself. A very slight mist started to fill the room coming from the air vents. Luna felt dizzy instantly.

"You see my darling, this mist is a drug you can say. Very strong. Me though, I have grown immune to it. Kind of lived around it my entire life. Once your - ready I should say. We are going to have a little fun." Haru winked walking towards her bed.

"Yup, this guy is going to rape me." Luna spoke out loud. She tried to think it to herself, but the words just spilled right out. She started with a giggle then it turned into a laugh. This was bad, Luna can get drunk off of sparkling Cider, so there was no telling what this shit was going to do to her.

Haru slipped off his shirt and threw his body on top of Luna's. She blankly stared at him, not really giving it any thought, but for some reason she felt like she needed something.

Haru slowly slipped Luna's sleeve from her shoulder as he gently kissed her neck. He untied the thick ribbon wrapped around her waist and slowly moved her top layer kimono has he worked his hands up her body.

She heard a big crash in the distance and jumped a little. Haru seemed like he heard nothing. Maybe it was just the drug getting to her. Trying desperately not to let Haru take her first kiss away from her she moved her head to the side. Haru grabbed her chin and brought it forward.

Right then and there, the door flew open and the Old Man came flying through the opening and crashing through the wall. Haru jerked up in shock as did Luna, but Luna was more in a doped up 'Can we just get this shit over with already. I am seriously irritated. This is not my day' kind of mood.

Luna moved her head to the left and faintly saw Kakashi. It seemed as if he was 50 feet away when he was probably barely ten, if that. Haru got up and looked slightly nervous, but he acted like he wasn't. Luna started laughing to herself. ''What a loser. This guy is really going to get his ass kicked... But... Kakashi? How ... why? I thought he hadn't even noticed my absence." Luna spoke out loud again still thinking she was in thought.

Haru turned his head just for a second to look back at Luna. Bad move. Kakashi swung his right foot across his head and sent him flying the same direction the old man had gone. Kakashi looked at Luna a bit disappointed in himself. He'd let this happen. His gaze fell on the way she looked; Her clothes in the middle of being taken off and her being tied up. He grabbed a single kunai and cut the rope off her ankles, then her wrists, and he picked her up like they were newly weds and walked out the dungeon like bedroom door.

As Kakashi walked down the path he just blankly looked ahead. No words came out of his mouth, he just walked. Luna looked up at his face for almost the entire time, but then she couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Hey Kakashi Sensei? How did you know I was there? How did you know I'd been kidnapped?" Luna's voice still seemed a bit slurred from the drug.

Kakashi just looked forward and it kind of pissed Luna off.

"What the hell, Sensei? Why won't you answer me?!" Luna's voice grew. "I mean, why would you even come help me? You don't even like me right? That's what you implied when you told me I only looked 5 times better instead of 10 like the rest of the girls did!" She started to yell. "I mean what the hell are you trying to do to me? Making me love you and then you go and make me think that I'm ugly- And then you watch me cry without even caring and then you decide to save my ass after I get kidnapped?! What the hell is wrong with you?" Luna started screaming and shoving Kakashi, wanting to get down and away from him, his arms, and his infuriatingly gentle hold. She didn't even notice that she'd said she loved him through the drug and anger.

Luna was able to put her feet on the floor after squirming so much and she attempted to get back her balance. She kind of wobbled in her standing position and then started to cry, "I hate you Sensei! You're one of the biggest ass holes I ever met. You annoy the hell out of me. You think you're all high and mighty?" Luna's crying turned into sobbing, " I don't even want to see your stupid face! I bet under that mask, is the ugliest face to ever exist on planet freaking earth!!" She turned around trudging and stammering her way about 3 feet before she tripped over her Kimono.

She was about to fall face first in a cement road, but Kakashi suddenly dove in front of her and broke her fall. She cried even more as Kakashi held her again, but this time in a piggy back ride style.

"I'm sorry Kakashi." She cried. "I didn't mean anything. I really am sorry. Don't take anything I said to heart." She whipped away her tears.

"Nothing?" Kakashi asked. "Not even when you said, that you loved me? Well, that's just harsh, Luna. That actually did touch me." Luna's eyes widened and her face turned into a tomato. She shoved her face on to Kakashi's neck wanting to hide her face. Kakashi laughed, "Hey now, that tickles." Luna's grip on Kakashi tightened a bit.

"Hey Luna, listen okay?" Kakashi started. "When I said that you were only 5 times prettier, I meant that you were already so pretty that the make up and clothing didn't really do anything. You look just as magnificent as you always do. When you were crying, I looked up at the sky because I thought you didn't want me to see you in tears. I thought they were tears of joy too, but I guess I was off a bit. I'm sorry. When I heard the crying disappear I supposed you had stopped. I thought you ran off some where, until I saw a shine off into the distance. I saw people taking you away. I wanted so badly to run after you right then and there, but I had to let the rest of the team know you weren't coming so they had to make up something on the spot. I really am sorry Luna." Kakashi stopped and there was a long silence.

"...... what the hell made you think the skit was more important than my well being?"

"let's just say I wasn't exactly thinking straight at the time..."

Luna could feel Kakashi get kind of wobbly as well.

"Hey, Kakashi Sensei. Are you all right?" Luna asked.

"Ha ha, what kind of question is that? You're the one who got kidnapped." Kakashi replied in a humorous tone.

Luna chuckled a bit herself and relaxed. "Thank you, Sensei." she spoke softly into his ear.

Kakashi was now standing at her doorway wanting to open the door, but he couldn't. It was locked. So instead he went up through the window and placed Luna on her bed. She was sound asleep. Kakashi smiled at her and right when he was about to walk off, he couldn't feel his right leg and left arm. He stood there hovering over Luna like some lunatic.

Luna slowly opened her eyes and found him standing there. She kind of freaked out for a moment and asked again, "Hey Kakashi Sensei, what's wrong?"

Kakashi gave a chuckle and replied, "I can't feel my body." He slowly fell on top of Luna with his eyes at point blank with hers, his arms and legs on each side of her trying to keep himself up.

Luna blushed, but she quickly asked in a worried tone, "You want me to get you anything Sensei? What happened?"

"Nothing really major, the old man just threw a needle at me with some chemical on it, I suppose. It was some sort of drug, but it's all right. I don't need anything but rest." He smiled trying to keep Luna from worrying.

Luna laid there still gazing at Kakashi. She steadily moved herself up a bit in her bed and closed her eyes. Next thing she knew, Kakashi had placed his for head on her neck. His body relaxed, but she could feel his heart racing just like hers. It seemed as if they were in sync. She could feel her heart beat at the same fluttering pace as Kakashi's; she inhaled and exhaled at the same time as him. She could feel his warm breath on her chest coming from his nose. It kind of gave her chills.

"Hey Luna-" Kakashi spoke quietly.

"Ya, Sensei?" She replied.

"If it wasn't obvious, I love you too." Kakashi finished with a smile grabbing onto Luna's wrist lightly. Next he knew, he was sound asleep.
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